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The European Federation of Professional Circus Schools (Fédération européenne des écoles de cirque professionnelles – FEDEC) was established in 1998 to build relationships between vocational circus schools with similar educational objectives. Most of the professional European schools, at Foundation and Higher Education level, are represented.

With its numerous members and partners, FEDEC is above all a wonderful network that allows schools to get to know each other better and to share their pedagogical and artistic outlook and experience. Thanks to this network, hundreds of bilateral and multilateral exchanges of students, teachers and administrators take place. The Federation gives priority to members coming from the countries members of the Council of Europe but doesn’t exclude the possibility to admit members from countries geographically located outside these territorial limits.

One of the main objectives is to improve the quality of circus education, primarily through the training of artists and professional teachers, but also through encouraging the provision of education for children and youths. To achieve this, it develops contacts with bodies such as the Ministries of Education, Culture and Trade and Industry, and develops European projects to support pedagogical and artistic training. The Federation also aims to ensure that standards on Health and Safety are maintained in all schools that are members of the Federation. Additionally, FEDEC maintains close relationships with circus troupes, companies, venues, national associations and leisure schools.


The Status of the Federation include encouraging and supporting international exchanges by the creation and implementation of networks in order to strengthen links between the schools, achieve a better mutual understanding and expand creative cooperation between the arts of circus and other artistic expression professionals. They also put emphasis on the duty to promote the work of young artists and creators that come from the member schools. The FEDEC wishes to collaborate with the professional field and other associations that share the same philosophy in order to help young artists and creators in their professional insertion and encourages any initiative that might improve the quality of professional education and of the training for teachers in arts of circus. Its objective is to start, formalize and implement any initiative aimed at promoting the development and evolution of creation and pedagogy in the field of circus arts.

The FEDEC works to gather and spread any information on the field of circus arts education, to intervene with European or National Authorities according to the needs of one or more of its members in order to strengthen and support actions and obtain the means that are necessary for their realization. As part of its mission, the FEDEC wants to focus on conception, implementation and development of consultation and harmonisation mechanisms on a European scale. One of its goals is to organize and realize events or manifestations aimed to increase creation and training in circus arts as well as create strong relationships with associations or organizations in the following fields: arts, education, sports, economics and social work. Finally, the federation’s wish is to have a professional code of ethics in order to establish a European Charter in professional circus arts training.mbers of the Federation. Additionally, FEDEC maintains close relationships with circus troupes, companies, venues, national associations and leisure schools.